FMC214- FMC-based Full Camera Link output card compatible with 1.8V IO

Item No.: 214
1. The overview of the board card
The Full Camera Link output sub-card based on FMC compatible with 1.8V IO supports Base, Middle and Full Camera Link signal output, and is compatible with 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V IO FPGA signal output. Adapt xilinx development boards of different models and FMC boards within the company. Board card is suitable for professional image application, analog source output and so on.

2.technical paramete
Function Parameters Contents
Camera link
Chip type SN65LVDS93A
Channel amount One channel baseMiddleor Full
One channel uartFour channel cc
Clocking rate 85Mbps
Data bits wide maximum8Byte
Transfer impedance The differential100Ω
Connector Two channel SDR26
FMC signal IO type LVTTL
Electrical level 1.8V2.5V3.3V
Others IO 8
  RS485/RS232 One channel
  connector Pin board
Connector type FMC-HPC ASP-134488-01
Front board Two channel SDR26
Standard FMC  ANSI/VITA 57.1 - 2008
Size 69X76.5mmThe mounting hole size is 2.7mm
Power supply +3.3V@0.5A
Power consumption 2W
Working temperature Industrial  -20℃ to +70℃
Support mother board Xilinx board V6V7KUVU ZYNQZU development board
Orihard board 13627036728833027439
3. Software support
The board card provides the analog Camera Link signal output interface program corresponding to FPGA board, including Camera Link, uart, CC signals; External GPIO, RS232 test signals.

4. Application of board cards
Industrial image output, image analog source