FMC154- Based on FMC eight channel SFP+ 10 gigabit fiber sub card

Item No.: 154
1. The overview of the board card
This card is an FPGA sandwich card (FMC) module, which can provide up to 8 SFP/SFP + module interfaces and plug directly into a Celines FPGA with gigabit level transceiver (MGT). Support industry standard small pluggable (SFP/SFP +) transceiver module interface.
The board card supports the simultaneous use of eight channel fiber, or the use of eight channel top or eight channel bottom.

 2.Performance indicators
Function Parameters Contents
SFP+ optical fiber Channel amount Eight channel
GTX channel amount Eight channel
Single channel rate 2.5Gbps,3.125Gbps,6.25Gbps,10Gbps
Support protocol AuroraRapidIO10G Ethernet
Digital interface FPGA GTX LVDS
Clock Channel amount Two channel
On-board crystal 156.25MHz
Connector type FMC-HPC ASP-134488-01
  Front board 8 channel SFP+Multimode or single mode
PCB top side four channelbottom side four channel
Standard FMC  ANSI/VITA 57.1 - 2008
Size 69X76.5mm
weight within heat sink
Power supply +12V@1A
Power consumption 8W
Working temperature Industrial  -20℃ to +70℃
Support motherboard Xilinx board V6V7KUVU ZYNQZU development board
Orihard board 13627036728833027439

3.Software content
Provide the REFERENCE test program for THE ISE or Vivado version of the FMC interface SFP+ Aurora 10Gbps loopback, and see the instruction table for the supported FPGA model or board card.

4. Board card application
The board card is configured with FPGA motherboard for 10Gbps optical fiber transceiver scene.