419-PCIe fiber accelerated computing card based on 4 sets of DDR KU115

Item No.: 419
1. The overview of the board card
PCIe acceleration board USES Xilinx FPGA-XCKU115 as programmable data center application acceleration to support four-channel QSFP+ fiber interface, in which QSFP+ interface data transmission rate up to 40Gbps; PCIe supports Gen3 x8/16; 4 DDR4 interfaces, three 72bits and 1 64bit with 2400MT/s; FLASH with programmable configuration on the board; PCIe acceleration board can be used in video processing, machine learning, high performance computing, network acceleration and other applications.

2.Function and technical indicators:
The board function Parameters of the content
The main processor XCKU115-3-FLVF1924-E
The board standard PCI EXPRESS CARD REV. 1.1
Electrical specification Stadard PCIe full height2/3 long cardmeet PCI Express 3.0 specification
The on-board cache Support 4x72bitData bits wide 64bit+ECCDDR4 Storage capacityData transfer rate 2400Mb/s
DDR4 Single cluster capacity4GBThe total capacity of the four groups is16GB
Loading Flash BPI mode
High speed interface Four channel QSFP+ optical fibersupport 40G EthernetRapidIO etc. protocol
Low speed interface Sixteen channel IO
weight within heat sink
Power supply DC +12V6A
Power consumption Less than 60W
Working temperature Industrial  -45℃ to +80℃
The board function Parameters of the content
3.Interface test software
Function Parameters of the content
The main processor XCKU115-3-FLVF1924-E
Version of the software Vivado 2017.4
Programming language Verilog
Board card interface test program DDR testPCIe IO mode testoptical fiber Aurora test program
Board card interface application program PCIe V3.0 XDMA test FPGA program
Windows 7Linux driver
4.Application filed
Fiber optic acceleration calculation   Net FPGA.