367-Based on Zynq XC7Z100 FMC interface universal computing platform

Item No.: 367
The SoC XC7Z100-2FFG900i chip is used to complete the card's main control and digital signal processing. XC7Z100 is internally integrated with two ARM Cortex-A9 core and a kintex 7 FPGA, and extends FMC, fiber, IO and other interfaces through PL terminal FPGA. PS terminal ARM extends network, USB, RS232 and other interfaces. The board card is suitable for image processing, vibration, communication, radar and other front-end signal processing or hand-held device development.

2.Main function and performance 
Functions Parameters Contents
PL End FMC FMC-HPCASP-134486-01
Optical fiber 1channel SFP+Configurable gigabit and gigabit Ethernet protocols
Storage 1channel M.2 PCIeX4 storage interface
IO 12bit 1.8V IO@J1212bit Vfmc@J9
DDR DDR3 1GB32bit @800MHz
LED 4bit
HDMI 1channelInternal transfer to ARM
PS End DDR DDR3 1GB 32bit@800MHz
QSPI Flash 256Mb
SD Card provide16GB SDcard
RS232 2 channel RS232
USB 1channek USB2.0, 1channel RS232transfer USB Debug port
Internet 1channel RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Size 139X122X20mm
Weight with heat sink
Power supply +12V@2A
Power consumption 20W
Working temperature Industrial  -20℃ to +70℃
Support sheet Orihard board FMC144FMC210FMC177FMC213FMC450FMC214

3.Software support 

Function Parameters of the content
The main processor XC7Z100-2FFG900I
Software version Vivado2017.4
Programming language Verilog
PL end test program DDR3 test program
LED test program
IO test program
FMC test programCombine FMC sub-cards
AXI Bus DMA test program
PS end bare-machine test program DDR3 test program
Internet test program
RS232 test program
QSPI Flash test program
Emmc test program
SD Card test program
AXI trunk DMA test program
PS end operating system program Uboot version U-Boot 2017.01
LINUX kernel version LINUX-4.6.0-g399574f
A serial port software Xshell6secureCRT7.0
Vivado version 7z100_vivado2017.4@2017.4
PS end DDR3 read and write  
HDMI display interface  
USB interface  
Gigabit Ethernet interface  
QSPI Flash  storage  U16
SD card start-up test  
EMMC storage  
PCIe M.2 storage Undeveloped


4.Application filed

Processing software radio platform
Graphics image tracking processing
Analog edge embedded computing