330-Kintex-7 XC7K325T PCIeX4 3U PXIe Interface card based on FMC interface

Item No.: 330
1. The overview of the board card
This board card is based on Xilinx's FPGAXC7K325T-2FFG900 chip, PIN_TO_PIN is compatible with FPGAXC7K410T-2FFG900, supports PCIeX8, 64bit DDR3 capacity 2GByte, HPC FMC connector, supports PXIE standard protocol, XJ3 standard high-speed differential interface, supports PCIeX 2. The software has Windows, Linux drivers.

2.Function and technical indicators:
The board function Parameters of the content
The main processor XC7K325T-2FFG900
The board standard PXI Express Revision 1.0
Electrical specification PCIe V2.0 PCIeX4
The on-board cache FMC  ANSI/VITA 57.1 – 2008 ASP-134486-01
HPCLAHAHB whole interface and DP0~DP7 eight channel high speed interface
Loading Flash Support 64bitDDR3 storage 2GByte
High speed interface BPI modePC28F128MAP30
Low speed interface XP3 support GTX X8support two sets PCIeX4 or SRIO
Size XP4support PXIe specification of trigger bus, power input
P1support 15pair  LVDS or 30 LVTTL IO
weight 100X160 mm
Power supply with in heat sink
Power consumption +12V3A
Working temperature 36W
The board function Industrial  -20℃ to +65℃
3.Interface test software
The board function Parameters of the content
The main processor FPGAXC7K325T-2FFG900
Programming language Verilog
Board card interface test program DDR testPCIe IO mode test
Board card interface application program PCIe V3.0 XDMA test FPGA program
Windows 7Linux driver
FMC test program on board Provide the corresponding test interface program according to the sub-card model
4.application filed

Software radio processing platform graphics image hardware accelerator Net FPGA