220-The CameraLink rotary fiber data forwarding card based on KINTEx-7 XC7K160T

Item No.: 220
The board card is a CameraLink (Full) to 4-channel optical fiber interface board, which can realize the conversion of image signals from the 1-channel CamerLink Full mode to the 4-channel SFP+ 10-gigabit optical fiber interface. The board card has one gigabit Ethernet port, one RS232/RS422/RS485 communication interface, and the board card has double-channel indicator light. The board card has low power consumption, it can be used in video image transmission and other scenes.

2.Main features and performance
Fuction Parameters of the content
The main processor Kintex-7 series FPGA  XC7K160T-2FFG676
Camera link MDRconnector1 channel input, support Base, Middle, Full format, 8Byte input
4 channel optical fiber Maximum support for 10Gbps/lane line rate. Wide temperature SFP+ interface
Aurora and RapidIO protocols can be supported
DDR one set of 64-bit 2GByte DDR3 SDRAM memory, which can realize high-speed data cache with 800MHz clock rate, theoretical bandwidth as high as 6.4GByte/s, and DDR3 SDRAM reading and writing efficiency as high as 90%.
Gigabit Ethernet One channel
RS422 One channel, can be flexibly configured into RS232 or RS485 mode.
SPI Flash one piece of 64MByte SPI Flash, used for loading FPGA.
LED Indicator light fourFront panel output, for easy debugging and status display
JTAGDebug port one
Size 175X110X20mm
weight With heat sink
Power supply +12V@2A
Power consumption 10W
Working temperature Industrial  -20℃ to +70℃
3.Software support
Function Parameters of the content
The main processor XC7K160T-2FFG676
Version of the software ISE14.7
Programming language Verilog
Test program Provide DDR3 SDRAM interface test program.
Provide optical fiber interface test program (Aurora64B /66b, line rate 6.25Gbps)
Provide gigabit Ethernet interface test program.
Provide RS422 interface test program.
Provides the CameraLink input interface test program.
4.Application field
Graphics and image acquisition and transmission processing.